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Adam J. Chmielewski (Poland)
Media and democracy. Remarks on the political archeology of media

Andreas Broeckmann (Germany)
Networked Co-operation - Trends in Media and Art Practices

Axel Wirths (Germany)
Mediatecture. An exhibition on the synergies of electronic media and architecture.

Derrick de Kerckhove (Canada)
Screenology: Epistemology of audio-visual media from photography to the Internet

Dominika Szope (Germany)
Interactivity beyond the local horizon

Edward Shanken (USA)
Tele-Agency: Telematics, Telerobotics and the Art of Meaning

F.A.B.R.I.cators (Italy)
Tracking the Net

Franz Fischnaller (Italy)
Tracking the Net, Virtual Realism

Gerfried Stocker (Austria)
From Document to Event

Herbert W. Franke (Austria/Germany)
40 Jahre Computerkunst, Science Art

Igor Czerniawski (Poland)

Jaron Lanier (USA)
Why art will start to make more sense in the future

Jeffrey Shaw (Australia/Germany)
Place Ruhr

Jill Scott (Australia/Germany)
Digital Body Automata, Interactive portraits for a transformed stage

Józef Robakowski (Poland)

Keiji Nakamura (Japan)
Some observations on so-called Media Art - From Curatorial experience

Keisuke Oki (Japan)
bodyfuture - Say "good bye" to the terrestrial body

Kirsten Johannsen (Germany)

Kristine Stiles (USA)
Dissociative Consciouness, Multidimensional Awareness and the Mediation of Art & Technology

Kylie Robertson (Australia)
Silent Passages

Laurie Anderson (USA)
Handphone Table - Remembering Sound

Machiko Kusahara (Japan)
Artists as Designers of Communication: The Role of Media Artists in the Age of the Internet

Marek Holynski (Poland)
Precursors and Victims

Michelle Glaser (Australia)

Miroslaw Rogala (Poland/USA)
Virtual Sketch #1: "One Speech/One Language", Virtual Sketch #2: "China Wall"

Monika Fleischmann (Germany)
Mixed Identity - the Body and its Doppelgaenger

NIDA National Institute of Dramatic Art (Australia)

Nina Czegledy (Hungary/Canada)
Digitized/Mediated Bodies - Virtual Spectacles

Olia Lialina (Russia)
Web Art Versus Net Art

Paul Sermon (U.K.)
Telematic Dreaming

Perry Hoberman (USA)

Phill Niblock (USA)
Music and Images

Piotr Krajewski (Poland)

Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland)
Cyborg's Sex Manual 1.1

Robert Lisek (Poland)

Roy Ascott (U.K)
Beyond the Digital Divide

Ryszard W. Kluszczynski (Poland)
Introduction to Hypermedial History of the Twentieth Century Art

Siegfried Zielinski (Germany)
Arts and Apparatuses - Dramaturgies of Differences

Stanislaw Lem (Poland)
screening of recorded address for WRO2000 (video and website)

Studio Azzurro (Italy)
Dove va tutta 'sta gente

Tanami Network (Australia)
Yanardilyi - Cocktaoo Creek

Timothy Druckrey (USA)
Strategizing Against Inevitability

Warren Niesluchowski (USA)
Rewind MM << << 00:00 >> >> MM Replay. Ars Nova in the Years 0, 1000 and 2000.

Wolfgang Strauss (Germany)
Interfacing Mixed Reality

Yoshiyuki Abe (Japan)
Two or three things I know about Digital Art, Crossmodulation

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